Wealth management services

Moore Stephens Wealth Management is committed to providing the highest quality investment and technical financial planning advice to personal, corporate and trust clients.
We provide a bespoke and personal financial planning service to every client and are proud of our long-standing client relationships. We continually review, and seek to improve, our services to maintain our position at the forefront of the wealth management and financial planning profession.

Our services include

For Individuals
Local shares and unit trusts
Offshore shares and unit trusts

Financial planning relating to cost-effective death, disability, income continuation, impairment and severe illness cover

Retirement and Estate Planning
Trust Services

Health care

Short-Term Insurance

For your business...
Employee Benefits
Pension, provident and preservation funds
Group risk insurance
Life cycle investing
Employee consultations to ensure an understanding of employee benefits and assistance with wealth creation, wealth preservation and retirement planning

Business Assurance
Keyman assurance
Buy and sell assurance
Preferred compensation
Personal and future liability
Health care

We provide the comfort and knowledge that we have a wide array of expertise in all areas of personal and business finance.

Our approach

Moore Stephens Wealth Management researches, analyses and monitors your risk and investment needs to assist in creating and preserving your wealth. 

A simple, individualised and collaborative process set out below is our straightforward five-stage process, centred on optimising your portfolio to fit your individual requirements and objectives.

Understanding your needs
Through discussion, we gain a clear understanding of your circumstances and plans, supported by a specialist questionnaire to establish your risk appetite.

Establishment of clear objectives
We will establish long-term objectives, liquidity needs and a time horizon with you.

Sound Planning
We work with you to reach your goals within the appropriate time frame.

Setting of investment strategy
We create an investment portfolio that is suited to your needs.

Monitoring and review
We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis, with the ability to adapt as your needs change