Ease of Use, Ease of Distribution  

RuleBook is used as a strategic tool for the creation, maintenance and execution of complex rules and algorithms all powered by the latest Microsoft technologies. The RuleBook Web tool provides a browser-based interface for consumers of RuleBook Products to access the business processes created, configured and published for them by the Product Authors. 

Being internet based, RuleBook Web has a “zero footprint”, therefore it does not require the installation of any software on the user PC – indeed, any browser will be able to access the tool assuming sufficient security rights have been granted.

User Interface
The RuleBook web site is built on a single-page application principle, using ASP.NET MVC 4 with Knockout and jQuery libraries, providing an efficient and interactive user experience. Thus, users are able to create and edit quotes or enquiries from a single page, with clear and easy access to information and without the need to follow long prescribed navigation paths. Notification and messaging support is built-in to allow efficient quoting where multiple users are involved. The processing framework is built for specific business processes and will be licensed with configured product forms and documents which will support each product associated with the business process.  

Immediate access to the stored data is provided by analytics and quote dashboards, providing graphical support to the decision-making required to assist the business process. HTML 5 is used to implement the dashboards, thereby ensuring full availability across multiple browsers.

Product Consultancy
For a few days’ effort, Moore Stephens can provide the consultancy expertise required to set up the product against your business process.  Thereafter, scheme and user management can be tackled either by key users via RuleBook Maintenance or separately by Moore Stephens.

Key Features and Facts

The core RuleBook Web is used in conjunction with either RuleBook Maintenance or RuleBook Authoring. The following minimum business functionality is provided:

  • Manage - distribution and availability for Products via Schemes; maintenance of lookup factors, loadings and reference data via Matrices; user and group level access 
  • Consume – Modern, centralised, interactive web browser-based interface for creation of records (business quotes and enquiries)
  • Interface – Web services for interaction with existing operational solutions
  • Distribute – Controlled roll-out of products to downstream partners
  • Report – Integrated analytics and dashboard of all consumer activity (using available user or operational hierarchy)
  • Analyse – Provision of metrics through exchange with the client data warehouse environment

Multiple Language Support
RuleBook supports the use of standard resource files for website content and can be configured for dynamic content. RuleBook Reference Data entities also support multiple language data entry.

Performance and Scalability
Extensive use of caching increases performance and reduces the load on the database server. The Microsoft Entity Framework further reduces the database load by moving data manipulation to the web server, thereby enabling scaling via clustered web servers.

Compiled code-generated RuleSets, coupled with efficient, lightweight Ajax calls, provides high performance RuleBook website response times.

Server and Database Architecture
RuleSets code-generated data definition classes use LINQ and Microsoft Entity Framework to access the database, with support from stored procedures.

No non-standard third-party software is required on either server or client. Those licensing RuleBook Authoring use standard WPF and .NET 4.5, with Word 2007, 2010 or 2013 to edit document templates.  The web site uses HTML5 and JavaScript, thereby allowing for use within any modern browser.